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How to reduce AC conditioning costs during the summers?

Did you hear that again? It is the same squealing sound of your AC compressor which is perhaps due to the trouble in the compressor and now you are saying that you do not enough money in your account. Haven’t you ever thought before about what is going to happen to your AC conditioning system when your bank account totally dries up? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and air conditioning your home takes at least 43% bite from your monthly utility bill. We at Frosty’s Air Conditioning a family owned and operated business specializing in AC repair, installation and maintenance in Davis Island, Gibsonton, Lithia, Riverview, South Tampa and Sun City for the past 3 years have discussed 5 cool ways on to lower down your utility bill during the summers:

  1. Adjust the temperature setting on your thermostat – In order to save energy bills and manage your heating and cooling systems very efficiently when at home, lower down your AC’S thermostat setting to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. But when away from home at night time, let that number rise to a warmer temperature so that you can save up to 15% of air conditioning bills.
  2. Choose window A.C. to reduce costs- Cooling one room with a window A.C. unit needs very less energy and small investment for a house compared to other types of A.C systems.
  3. Let humidity set your A.C. fan pace- According to the U.S. Department of Energy, other than on humid days you should set your A.C. fan speed on high, improving the comfort of your home.
  4. Use the bed fan very frequently- The bed fan is one of the best solutions to avoid this hassle in the future. Unless the scorching heat is intolerable, there is no need to switch on your expensive AC. This is how you can save your bank account from getting dried up.
  5. Take proper care of your A.C. system- According to the U.S. Department of Energy, if you replace your older room air conditioner with a newer unit, you could reduce your energy costs in half. Moreover, clean the air filter once every month for good air movement and get it checked by our HVAC professional once every year to diagnose any inefficiency.

Now, that you know how to cut utility bills for several years to come, get started with the things you can do today. Thank you for visiting our website here

January 3, 2016
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