AC repair in Sun City Center, Valrico, South Tampa, FL

When AC Repair doesn’t Work, We give Credit for a New One

Frosty’s Air Conditioning helps you beyond just repairing the air control system in your building. We go one step further and loan you out a new system altogether, provided of course an AC repair is not enough to make the old one work. This happens mainly with folks who do not have credit cards or the ready money required to pay for a new air refining system altogether. We understand very well that such situations are very common and can arise at any time and that, people at that time need to be helped out. We do so readily and have found grateful customers in areas like Apollo Beach, Brandon, Davis Island, Gibson ton, Lithia, Riverview, South Tampa, Sun City Center, Sun City, Valrico in Florida.

We at Frosty’s are different. We don’t just take your money, but we give you money as well. That’s how we do business with our customers.

You’re Short of Cash

You’re nearing the end of the month, and sitting on a sofa feeling cozy, thinking all is well, I just need to wait for less than a week and then I will get my next month’s salary. I’m doing fine what could possibly go wrong?

The air control system in your apartment suddenly stopped working. You panic for a while and then you settle in, thinking that you would just need to call the repairer and he would get things going again – your room cooling system would start working again.

You call the technician, he arrives and despite his best efforts he is unable to repair the system. He tells you he can do no further. He leaves. What do you do then?

It’s scorching hot outside in Florida and even opening the doors and windows are not enough to keep you cool. And to top it all, you don’t even have the cash to buy a new cooling system.

This is where we come in. We give you credit so that you can install a new cooling system right away and pay us later for it. How cool is that? Literally!

So if you’re facing such a situation, just grab the phone and give us a call now!

March 9, 2016
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