Air Conditioning Repair for the Workplace South Tampa, Sun City and Velrico FL


This is no longer the age where windows are left open to allow cool air to enter the room. Rather than struggling in incorporating ventilation or fans in the office why not install an advanced and feature rich air conditioning unit. We at Frostys AC offer state of the art air conditioners for people residing in an around Apollo Beach, FL, Brandon FL, Lithia, FL, South Tampa FL, Sun City Center FL and Sun City FL and from some of the leading brands. To work in an office that is surrounded at all times with different electric devices that produce heat, it is quite natural that the environment is likely to get humid or confining. Here, an AC will work wonders in reducing the humidity level, thereby making the working environment quite comfortable.

Why install an AC in the workplace?

  • First and foremost, you can enjoy controlled comfort. It will reduce your monthly energy bills and at the same time ensuring that the temperature in the office is comfortable
  • Secondly, it will reduce the level of humidity which means you can bid adieu to the stuffiness and stickiness that you feel. Some models come with the dry mode setting which means the humidity in the office can be reduced devoid of having to make the office too cold
  • Thirdly, it is convenient and energy efficient- the modern units are quieter and operates silently. The best part is it can offer instant heating or cooling via the touch of a button, thereby making it efficient and easy compared to conventional central heating
  • Fourthly, it will help to improve the environment. Air purification indeed is one the biggest benefits of installing an AC in the office. The modern models come with anti-fungus filter which can easily catch allergy causing mites, odors and smoke particles
  • Lastly, along with cooling, it also has heating capability which is obtained through the heat pump technology which is highly energy efficient

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April 6, 2017
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