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A safe and effective installation of a window AC requires a qualified HVAC contractor


Spring comes early and doesn’t stay for long. Now with the onset of sticky summers, temperature and humidity starts rising. Staying within the tropical boundaries makes the situation worse, leaving me and my neighbors with no other options other than purchasing window AC conditioners from the shop. But the question is why a window AC conditioning system? When it comes to overall cost and convenience while trying to cool a room, nothing really beats a window air conditioner and so we all have thought of installing on our own properties with the help of a licensed HVAC contractor. Even though plenty of residential projects can be done by individuals on their own but installing a brand new window air conditioning system can really be a complex and daunting task and this is why we need to hire professionals for our window air conditioning installation to ensure that the AC unit works properly for maximum cooling capabilities and long-term use. At Frostys AC, we are dedicated to meeting the cooling demands of both residential and commercial customers throughout Apollo Beach, Valrico, Sun City Center, Brandon, Davis Island, Gibsonton, Lithia, Riverview and South Tampa. Whatever your air conditioning needs are, it will be our pleasure to help you out 24/7. Another important task which you can truly rely on our professional HVAC contractor is preventive maintenance of your window air conditioner. Here are 9 of the most common maintenance tasks:

  • Make adjustments to the thermostat
  • Adjust or repair any other parts if necessary.
  • Clean and lubricate exhaust fans and blowers with turbine type oil.
  • Clean the air filter at least twice every month
  • Check the compressor.
  • Examine significant parts like- condenser and evaporator coils as well as heat exchangers and controls. Wash both the coils with the use of a garden hose.
  • Ensure that air ductsare clean, sealed and insulated.
  • Check for and repair refrigerant leaks.
  • Ensure proper overall operation of the AC system.


For immediate installation of a window AC for your home project, do contact us today for hiring one of our professional HVAC contractors.

October 29, 2015
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