Frosty’s Winter AC Sale

Buy a High Quality New Energy Efficient Air Conditioner
at a Very Good Price

Frosty’s Winter AC Sale Details – the Best Time to Buy!

Get Frosty’s instant discount on a new high-quality Air Conditioning System with a Season Energy Efficiency Rating, (SEER ) of 15 through 25 for a limited time. The Winter AC Sale ends January 31, 2018. Now is your chance to lock-in to Frosty’s Winter AC Sale for the purchase and installation of a new top brand Energy Efficient Air Conditioner.

Our Triple Discount Special

winter sale for ac system puchase$500 – Old System Trade-in & Removal

winter sale for ac system puchase$500 – Winter Sales Instant Discount

winter sale for ac system puchase$135 – Teco Instant Rebate

$1,135 – Total Winter AC Sale*
Savings Too Big to Ignore!

Also, if you qualify, Frosty’s will offer either a 12 month deferred payment period with no interest & no minimum payment or Frosty’s excellent financing options to cover the total price.

Don’t miss our winter sale for quality and big savings!

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Frosty’s Winter AC Sale is Once a Year

Frosty’s Winter AC Sale** provides big savings for the top brands of new air conditioning systems for a limited time.

We offer only high-quality air conditioners or heat pumps with our expert installation.

Call us today at (813) 621-5900 to get a free quote on a new AC System with a large discount during our Winter AC Sale

** Frosty’s Winter AC Sale is for a limited time from December 2017 through January 2018

Winter is the Slow Season – Take Advantage of Frosty’s Winter AC Sale

Winter is the best time in Tampa Bay to buy a new air conditioner with the latest technology for energy efficiency and better maintainability. For most Tampa Bay area residents, the usual practice is to shut-off air conditioning during the winter months because the weather is cool. Hence, the air conditioning is not needed most of the time during these months. Therefore, there is no pressing reason to replace your AC System. Air Conditioning Manufactures want to sell new AC units doing this period and offer incentives for a limited time. Hence, this is the reason why we took the initiative to offer the Frosty’s Winter AC Sale!

Frosty’s AC Tune-up and Preventive Maintenance Service – Can Help with Recommendations

This time of the year is the slow season for most Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Services. However, Frosty does receive a fair number of calls for preventive maintenance calls during the winter months. We perform an affordable AC Tune-up and Preventive Maintenance Service that ensures the AC System is in good working order without any surprises when the unit is turned-on in the spring. Frosty’s can recommend whether it’s cost-effective to either keep the current AC System or replace it with a new AC System.

Frosty’s Air Conditioning LLC is a trusted local family-owned company for over 30 years that want to keep satisfied customers for a lifetime. We don’t take AC System replacements lightly. Our assessment takes into account: currently needed repairs, expected on-going repair costs, cost of operation and the risk of continued failure. For customers that need an AC replacement, we offer Frosty’s Winter AC Sale to save them money.

Ready-to-Fail AC Systems Need to be Replaced

There are many Tampa Bay area residents that have air conditioning systems older than 15 years. Many of these old AC Systems have reached their end-of-life and are ready-to-fail at any moment with expensive repair costs to keep them running. Also, most of these old AC systems require the outdated r22 refrigerant that is being withdrawn from the marketplace. These old clunkers become a money-pit and very expensive to operate. If you’re in this situation, Frosty’s Winter AC Sale is great news.

New AC Technology Saves Money

New high-quality AC Systems built with the latest technology are designed for better energy efficiency and greater maintainability. When Frosty’s installs a new AC System, you will definitely save money on both AC repair services and electricity to operate it. Over a long period, this can result in significant savings. The maximum saving can be up to a few hundred dollars per month depending on the SEER number, BTU size of the unit and the AC model installed. The new AC Systems are more reliable. Thus, it can provide greater peace-of-mind than experienced with the old system. The result is almost no AC repair service visits over a long period. There are no headaches about AC breakdowns in the middle of a hot summer night. Besides, newer quality AC Systems can be installed with advanced features such as Internet access of thermostat controls, advanced scheduled programming, precision climate control via zoning, and cleaner air features.

Call Frosty’s at (813) 621-5900 to get our recommendation if you need a new AC System. Frosty’s AC Tune-up and Preventive Maintenance Service can also assess and evaluate your current AC System to recommend if it’s still cost-effective to keep the old system or replace it with a newer system.

Top AC Brands Offer Promotions

Top big brands of air conditioning manufacturers such as Lennox®, Carrier®, and Trane® offer great promotions this time of year during the slow season. Their incentives include factory rebates, hearty discounts, and appealing financing options. These sales promotions are for a limited time to encourage those customers with a ready-to-fail system to buy a new system. Naturally, as a respected dealer, we work with all the major AC manufacturers to obtain all the possible rebates and discounts that are applicable and valid for those specific AC Systems and models we sell and install during our Winter AC Sale.

*Please note: As a respected and authorized AC dealer, we work to get you the best price possible. AC manufacturer’s rebates or discounts are time-sensitive and may apply, but depend on the specifics of each manufacturer’s promotional offering, model, SEER number, and manufacturer’s fine-print & conditions. Call us at (813) 621-5900 to learn more.

Get started now, Frosty’s will provide a free consultation, an honest AC System assessment and free estimates for a large selection of new top brand AC Systems to fit your needs.

We will even help with recommending excellent financing options. Call us at (813) 621-5900 to discuss your new air conditioner or complete our form for Request for Winter AC Sales call back.